It's Time to Speak Out, Logan Tells Local 1 Leadership Conference

"You are seeing activism all around this country because educators realize that their working conditions and our children's learning conditions are getting worse everyday," AFSA President Ernest Logan told the delegates attending the annual Council of School Supervisors & Adminsitrators, AFSA Local 1 Conference.

"You can't do the work politicians are asking for in our Schools without the needed resources, and if you as school leaders  don't speak up for the resources, you will never be able to do the things you need to do for our children."

"This is not about us, this is about the next generation of Americans…and making sure they have the skills and tools to succeed," Logan said.

Logan told the crowd he was in St. Croix  a couple of weeks ago and talked to AFSA members about the hurricane.  "After the storms, even when their own homes didn't have roofs on them, our members first thoughts were [for] the children that they were responsible for and they took care of the children first.


Logan told the following story: On the airlines, when you get on the plane and they're doing the safety drill and the flight attendant says when we lose cabin pressure, when the masks comes down, before you help anybody else, help yourself.

"We have to get back to helping ourselves, and that means we need to advocate," said Logan. "We need to push. We need to demand the respect that we’ve already earned. We need to demand the dignity that comes with doing this work. And you know what? We should not take no for an answer. You made me very proud last week because I heard later on that we disrupted a few meetings at city hall. Do not allow the people to take the accolades off your back. You need to stand up. You need to galvanize your parents. We need to galvanize our community groups. We need to galvanize our elected officials because this is not about you. It's about the children."