School Leaders Mourn Police Officers

The CT Federation of School Administrators sends its deepest sympathies, support, and comfort to the families, friends, colleagues, and the Bristol community over the tragic deaths of Sgt. Dustin Demonte, Officer Alex Hamzy and injured Officer Alec Lurato in the line of duty.

School administrators around the state are in mourning for the loss of the two Bristol Police Officers who were killed doing their job of serving the Bristol community.  Sgt. Demonte’s role as SRO with two Bristol schools is an especially difficult loss for the students, teachers, and staff who knew him and who worked with him.  The roles of an SRO and Police Officers bring them together in a very special working relationship with school administrators on a daily basis. The loss of these Officers and that relationship is especially difficult for CFSA members under such tragic circumstances.

CFSA also recognizes and applauds the immediate and statewide support of Police Officers from local departments and the State Police, social service agencies and the general public.  Having witnessed this same unselfish response to serve other communities in a time of crisis after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy almost ten years ago, provides some level of comfort and hope to the families and survivors who need to process this loss and to begin their individual healing journey.

As a lifelong resident of Bristol, I offer my personal sympathies, hope, and comfort to the families of the slain Officers and my personal pride of the bravery and dedication to duty shown by these Officers. They will be forever remembered as heroes and as members of a nationwide band of police officers who are dedicated professionals to serving their communities at all costs.  May they rest in peace and may their colleagues receive the health support they will need in the days ahead.